Instructional Design Program


The Instructional Design Program is a faculty development / course development initiative aimed at assisting faculty members in delivering the highest quality of hybrid and online education possible. The program is currently housed in the National Online MPA-IG Program. The program also provides limited services to the faculty members of the Department of Public Management, The Department of Protection Management and The Department of Economics. The program is also working with The Center for Advancement of Teaching, The Lloyd Sealy Library and the John Jay Writing Center in creating online educational materials for all students of the John Jay College.

This website has been designed to “share” the work of the Instructional Design Program with the entire John Jay Community. This website is a rough beta version of what will be designed over the next academic year.

Any John Jay Faculty member may request access to this site. Podcasts and materials on this site may be used in any John Jay course. It is our goal to make this information readily available. Please share your knowledge about this site with other faculty members. We hope to have the website subject/keyword searchable in the near future.





A Student Technology Fee Funded Initiative